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The Future of learning #Massage

Welcome to the first video online learning platform dedicated for the massage community

What is Massage Hub?

Massage Hub brings skills from experts in the massage industry all around the world and make it available and accessible for therapists everywhere.

How can I use Massage Hub to learn?

Massage Hub is a library full of massage videos uploaded by teachers, therapists and champions.

If you want to learn new skills using a certain modality (Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Lomi Lomi, Thai, ..), you will find 100's of videos on Massage Hub.

Can I upload massage videos if I'm not a teacher?

Yes, you can! You can add videos showing your massage techniques.

If you want to share your skills with fellow therapists,

you need to follow 3 simple steps


Create your

massage video


Upload it to


Earn money for every view

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